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Watch Lizzy Go Rock Climbing in a Skirt

Lizzie's new man is driving her up a wall--in a good way. Check out Lizzie's uncomfortable date with Sammy on 'Christina Milian Turned Up.'
First Liked by jakkhovo 2 days ago

I'm Your Man

On the day of moving in with his girlfriend, Camille, Bruno gets a surprise visit from his ex, Mia, who promptly seduces Bruno and sleeps ...
First Liked by bob35 2 days ago

Belize Barrier Reef

Eels and sharks--oh my Tag along as Brooke Burke takes a tour of Belize's breathtaking underwater wonderland.
First Liked by ngadison 3 days ago

Married...With Children: Al...With Kelly

After faking colds to get out of visiting Peggy's mother, Al and Kelly rejoice at their week of freedom, but when Kelly really gets sick, ...
First Liked by theresepj 1 week ago

Nottingham vs Barcelona

Jason and Inge want different things, she wants a new home in Nottingham, but he wants to relocate and start a new life in funky Barcelona. ...
First Liked by stijjn 1 week ago

Episodio 14

Sebastian le reclama a Sara por llegar con Eduardo a su casa. Sara le da un ultimtum a Sebastian. Los hijos de Sara le reclaman. Sebastian ...
First Liked by Yamilius 2 weeks ago

Nobel Price applause

The clip Nobel Price applause from A Beautiful Mind 2001 . Starring Russell Crowe John Nash, Ed Harris Parcher, Jennifer Connelly Alicia ...
First Liked by photoworksinteractive 2 weeks ago

Mission San Jose Park receives 10,000 grant

The park will receive a 10,000 recreation grant Wednesday, courtesy of Coca-Cola's 'America is Your Park' campaign.
First Liked by photoworksinteractive 2 weeks ago

The final Fiesta event: San Jose Mission Fest

San Antonians aren't the type to let a washed out parade dampen their spirits.
First Liked by photoworksinteractive 2 weeks ago

Pearls of Wisdom with Goat Leg Greg

Goat Leg Greg and Gilvin of the Tree share pearls of wisdom about the cast of the 'Jersey Shore.'
First Liked by dondon820 3 weeks ago

Lujuriosa Lola

Una tmida mujer se refugia en un mundo de fantasa.
First Liked by Palciro 4 weeks ago

SUV Nail Bed

Lying on a bed of nails is an ancient Indian practice. Having a 4 ton SUV drive over your body while lying on a bed of nails is crazy. ...
First Liked by carleymitch 1 month ago

I Left My Baby On Train

Steve does not like what he is hearing and refuses to let this man sit on his stage.
First Liked by Yung_auto21 1 month ago

Forbidden Affairs!

Danielle and Veronica both have a child by Josh although he's actually married to Danielle.
First Liked by Jjj11111 1 month ago